Scott: Destiny

I am a firm believer that you don’t choose your club, your club chooses you. 

I have been US National team follower and a casual EPL viewer since watching my first World Cup in high school. I have attended several national team games over the years, but never had a club team to support. There were certainly teams that I did not want to support, Man U and Arsenal, but never really found a team that I felt fit me. 

After moving to Chicago from Cincinnati, I met a friend in who grew up in London. On the first day that I met Tom, we drove from Chicago to Cleveland for a photo shoot. This happened to be on a Spurs match day. For 90 minutes it was my job to update Tom on the game, line by line, as the game progressed by use of a phone. 

After witnessing the passion Tom had for Spurs, even when presented with only a badly read description of a match from a phone, I thought I should pay them some attention. It was toward the end of the season, so there were a few more chances to watch the team and I began to consider the Spurs as my team. 

During this time, it happened that my mother was living in Margate, England but was preparing to move back to the states. During that summer, I went over to help her pack and move back. It happened that one day my mother and her friends were going to go into London for a play. I didn’t have a ticket and didn’t quite want to see the play they were going to anyway. I did, however, want to see another English football match. I once was able to sit in the front row of an England vs. Spain friendly and I wanted was enamored with the experience and the atmosphere. 

I did some investigating and, by luck, Tottenham was hosting an evening friendly that very same night.

The match wasn't the greatest, but the experience was extraordinary. The Spurs supporters were welcoming and my support for Spurs grew.

When I returned from England Tom once again helped in my progression towards Tottenham by informing of a group of local Tottenham supporters who got together every match day to watch games. 

The people of Chicago Spurs quickly became my family in Chicago and my support for Spurs was forever cemented. The family that I have accumulated throughout my time as a member will be a part of me forever. I have had celebrated through brilliant, wonderful times and horrific, gut wrenching ones as well… but we have done it together and as a family. 

I believe it was fate that brought me to Tottenham Hotspur and I KNOW it will be my one and only club. Tottenham till I die.